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The impact of South Summit

07/26/2022 Equipo South Summit



From 500 attendees in 2012 to 32,000 expected in 2022, between Madrid and Porto Alegre (Brazil).

8,000 entrepreneurs attending the meeting and presentation of 3,800 projects per year in the Startup Competition.

1,600 investors present at the last meeting in Madrid, 25% of which are international.

+4,000 media appearances in 2021, with a media impact of 671 million audience.

6,500 M$ of cumulative investment in Spanish startup finalists, which support around 25,000 jobs.

  1. …generating economic activity and employment with the organisation and holding of the meeting…
  2. …improving the country’s image and reputation through its media impact…
  3. …creating connections that develop the national and regional entrepreneurial ecosystem…
  4. …and promoting a culture of open innovation within companies.

The 2022 edition of South Summit will generate an estimated economic activity of around 20 M€ in Madrid.

The South Summit in Madrid will bring 22,000 attendees to La Nave for the first time. The event will contribute around €20m to local economic activity, marking a new milestone in the platform’s history.

For every €1 of direct impact, the South Summit generates €2.7 of total impact in Madrid.

The growing media coverage of the meeting and its link to Madrid helps to project a positive image of the city as an innovation hub.

Developments in South Summit media appearances.

+670 million audience reached in 2021

+€23,7M economic value in 2021

The Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, multiplying its value by 20 and currently employing almost 140,000 people.

11.000 Startups

140.000 Employment

6.446 Private investors

366 Investment groups

149 Accelerators

99 Incubators

Within Spain, Madrid has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, surpassing Barcelona for the first time in terms of startup investment volume in 2021.

Evolution of the volume of investment in startups in Madrid and Barcelona (M€)

Highlights of Madrid’s entrepreneurial ecosystem:

  • 2nd European position in number of exits above €100M in 2020
  • 4th European position in number of VC investment rounds (2016-Today)
  • 5th largest number of startups and scaleups in Europe
  • 6th position among European cities with best prospects for startups, technology and innovative investments

Investment in Spanish startups grew at a compound annual rate of 48% between 2012 and 2021, a period in which South Summit increased the number of investors attending by a factor of 8.

With the 1st Spain Startup meeting in 2012, a process of change began in the culture of companies with regard to corporate innovation.