The air is cleaner at the Summit

The future is green, which is why we pledge to support sustainable projects and create our events in a clean, low impact way.

Read on to find out how.

Our Events are sustainable

Sustainability Policy

At South Summit we want to catalyze and inspire entrepreneurship and the innovation ecosystem to respond to this much needed change. To achieve this objective, we will:

  • Strive to promote sustainability as an opportunity for startups and as the ecosystem of innovation.
  • Highlight opportunities for businesses related to the transition to a net-zero economy, and identify technological gaps, market tendencies and areas of investment, assuring that this transformation includes everyone and does not leave any vulnerable group behind.: evaluation process
  • Emphasize leaders and references in sustainable innovation.
  • Generate content in our events that revolves around sustainability (speakers, networking activities, etc.)
  • Make sustainability a cross-cutting issue in all the content of our events.
  • Be a benchmark in the design and production of events relating to sustainability, low environmental impact, low emissions and maximum social and economic impact.
Our Objective

Join us

This last objective is important, not only do we want to set an example by making our events sustainable as an exercise of coherence and sustainable commitment, but we have also set out to be the most cutting-edge and innovative event in sustainability, so that our platform can inspire the next generation of start-ups.

South Summit Commitment

Reused, Repurposed and Designed for longevity

The materials we use, from recycled turf from football pitches to cardboard, canvas and aluminium we reuse at future events. Making as little impact on the climate is always our priority.



Aware of the implications of our commitment to the values of the green economy, the ESG criteria and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, we declare that our events will be developed under the following values:

  • Leading the drive for sustainability in the economy, as a legacy of South Summit
  • Environmental respect
  • To be catalyzers of the community of entrepreneurs
Sustainability Awards

We have been awarded for our commitment to sustainability

Sustainable Event – for now, forever

(AGF) 2021

Net Zero Pledge





We’re always looking for ways to improve and learn, so if you’d like to make a suggestion, we’d love to hear from you. Become one of our sustainable suppliers.