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South Summit is the best global showcase for the world’s leading companies, startups, investors and institutions that want to accelerate innovation, build lasting relationships, identify opportunities and generate business

Summit’s Story

Our story

We’ve come a long way since 2012 and we’ll keep on climbing to new heights. Ready to join us?

2012 / 2013: Spain Startup – Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship Since 2012

Spain Startup started believing in the power of open innovation to drive business success. Founded in 2012 during a difficult economic period, we aim to help companies shift their mindset and embrace innovation and entrepreneurship.

2014 / 2015: Putting the Spotlight on the South: Our Journey of Global Growth and Expansion

We showcased the brightest minds and talents from the South to the world. Our journey of global growth and expansion began in 2014, with high-level speakers, international investors, and top-notch experts. And we’re proud to have called Las Ventas our home for two years.

2016 / 2017: South Summit Development – Moving to La Nave for Greater Success

South Summit continued to grow and expand our presence in Latin America. Our success has led us to relocate to La Nave, a more advanced and suitable venue, and we’re excited to announce our first international meetings in Colombia and Argentina.

2018 / 2019: Consolidating Madrid as a Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

We expanded our reach across Spain and Latin America, building on Madrid’s position as a leading hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our recent travels to Peru, Chile, and Colombia are just the beginning of our exciting journey of growth and expansion.

2020: Omni-Channel Reinvention: South Summit’s Response to COVID-19

South Summit quickly adapted to mobility restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic with the launch of our Virtual Summit, the world’s first omni-channel meeting featuring a film super production. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and entrepreneurship in a changing world.

2021 / 2023: Decoding Complexity: South Summit’s Commitment to a Green Future

As we lead the way in building a sustainable future, with a focus on connection, innovation, and business. From our hybrid event in Madrid to new encounters in Bizkaia and Valencia, we’re bringing together the best and brightest in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. And with our upcoming events in Porto Alegre and «Today 2030,» we’re continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a rapidly changing world.

South Summit was born in 2012. At the time, the economic crisis had darkened the business outlook in Spain, so we grew up with the strong belief that the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit would be the driving force to heal the economy.


Today, South Summit is recognized as one of the world’s leading entrepreneurship and innovation platforms and one of the most important networks of high-value connections among the main ecosystem agents to detect opportunities, develop business and contribute to a positive impact.


Our Founder and Chairman, Maria Benjumea, is a serial entrepreneur who refuses to settle for the status quo and is in constant search of better ways to advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain and beyond. Maria founded South Summit in 2012 in response to the economic crisis that had hit Spain hard, seeing clearly that a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem would be the driving force to heal the economy.

Since then, South Summit has served as a platform to accelerate innovation through strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem at an international level.

Spain today is a powerhouse within the European startup ecosystem and serves as a bridge to Latin American markets.


Our South Summits encounters are our hallmark and the origin of our brand.

Our soulful encounters are fully oriented towards people and their concerns with a very southern way of doing things.

South Summit connects, initiates, and builds strong relationships that endure for years to come.

The attitude, the will & the bravery


South Summit is a multidisciplinary, intergenerational and international team led by María Benjumea, a life dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation with the aim of growing economically and achieving social welfare.

The Summit that believes in a green future

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything we do, from our net zero pledge to our focus on sustainable events. In fact, we’re proud to have been recognized as Improvers award winners for our sustainable event practices, including our commitment to a net zero future. Our efforts were recognized in 2021 as we were named Improvers award winners for our commitment to hosting sustainable events, as well as for our Net Zero Pledge. In 2022, we achieved a sustainability rating of 80% according to Eventsost.