LP Forum

LP forum


The LP Forum is a series of interactive discussions with private, institutional, and corporate Limited Partners (LPs) and an opportunity to network with the South Summit community of VC investors both local and international. It is a private and exclusive space for the investment community. The idea is to bring more investors from the LP Community into the fold to share and learn as we discuss investment strategies and opportunities between senior decision makers.


Since 2012 South Summit has been attracting international investors, principally VC firms, into Spain.  In 2022 we attracted 220 international VC firms representing over $250BN in funds under management.  These firms come in the search of investment opportunities which they find via the South Summit startup competition. 

Over 10 years 1117 startups have participated in our startup competition, including 7 unicorns, having raised over $9BN in investment between them.  South Summits’ track record of identifying startup talent early is proven, we have established long term relationships with top local and international VC firms, and are a credible operator within the international startup ecosystem. 

For this reason, we are uniquely positioned to build a community of LPs, to extend an invitation to a new segment of investor to participate within the ecosystem, to be at the forefront in the world of technology, startups, and innovation.