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European Women in VC is amplifying the voice ofwomen investors – here’s how

05/13/2024 South Summit

European Women in VC makes its debut at SouthSummit this year, signifying a proactive step toward addressing gender disparities in the venture capital landscape in the region. It not only amplifies the visibility of women in the industry but also fosters a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial environment, ultimately contributing to the growth, innovation, and solution of global problems. Below, discover the organisation’s primary goals and notable accomplishments, along with tips on engaging with them at the event and beyond. European Women in VC is the largest network of senior female venture capital investors in Europe and beyond, dedicated to fostering gender balance within the industry. With a membership exceeding 1,000 individuals, including investors, founders, and allies, the organisation amplifies the achievements of female-led and mixed teams. Its initiatives have been prominent by European institutions such as EIT, EIF and EIB, and it actively engages with prestigious thought leaders in collaborative efforts.


European Women in VC main focus lies in:

● Fostering connections between General Partners and Limited Partners to accelerate fundraising for female (co)led funds.
● Empowering female General Managers and emerging Managers through support networks, peer dialogue, co-investments, knowledge access, and increased visibility.
● Conducting comprehensive research and data analysis to provide insights that foster systemic change in the ecosystem.

Mobilising the VC Community for Capital Equity

A petition, authored by 27 European GPs, was submitted to the former European Commissioner for Innovation, Mariya Gabriel, outlining three solutions to tackle capital imbalances in the VC sector. With over 1,500 VC professionals endorsing the petition, it prompted awareness workshops co-hosted with the European Commission and EIB, facilitating engagement with policymakers and stakeholders.

Insights Driving Change

Their data-driven research has garnered widespread attention in major media outlets, providing transparency and valuable insights into the industry.

In 2023, Female GPs and Senior Managers are an undervalued asset in European Venture Capital» revealed that management teams mostly composed of women outperform men only teams by 9.3 percentage points, with each 10 percentage point increase in women’s representation associated with a 1.3 percentage point increase in the IRR of a VC fund. The launch of the report took place at Tech BBQ, featuring esteemed panellists such as Marjut Falkstedt, CEO of the European Investment Fund; Thomas Kristensen, Senior Partner of LGT Capital; and Erik Balck Sorensen, Chief Investment Officer of EIFO. The subsequent lunch meet-up attracted over 100 participants from the VC and investor ecosystems.

Their 2022 report, «Role and importance of women as cheque writers and start-up founders,» was launched online. It shed light on the ubiquitous gender gap in funding, with desk and survey research indicating that 85% of VC General Partners are male, compared to only 15% female.

In 2021, they launched «Funding in the CEE Region through the lens of gender diversity and positive impact» during the 0100 Conference, with participants from EIF and IFC. This report highlighted the record venture capital funding in the European tech sector in 2020, yet underscored persistent gender disparities, particularly in Central Europe, where only 1% of VC funds supported female-led businesses. Notably, the report revealed that since 2016, all-women founding teams have received on average only 2% of startup investment, with progress stagnating.

Building bridges and empowering connections between female GPs and LPs As

As part of their mission, the network facilitates connections among female GPs and LPs through weekly «Meet The LP» online calls, which have featured participation from over 50 Limited Partners in the last year. Cambridge Associates, NATO Innovation Fund, Nysnø, and Stepstone, to name a few. Additionally, they organise in-person events for GPs and LPs at major conferences such as Tech BBQ in Copenhagen and SLUSH in Helsinki.

Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration in the Ecosystem

To empower their community through peer dialogue, mutual support, and knowledge exchange among women and male allies in the ecosystem, European Women In VC organises meetings covering topics such as career development, negotiation strategies, diversity in startups, and soft skills. Their WhatsApp groups foster daily communication and micro-communities within their network. They also hosted in-person events, such as LP/GP Cocktail Meetings and networking lunches at major conferences like SLUSH, Tech BBQ, and 4YFN, as well as study visits to key hubs like Dubai, Israel, and Warsaw.

European Women In VC also focuses on amplifying the visibility of female professionals in VC and highlighting their achievements.

During SouthSummit 2024 European Women in VC in collaboration with Founders Forum is going to launch their fourth flagship report which primary objective is to empower capital allocators, venture capitalists, growth funds, and other ecosystem stakeholders with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to champion ESG principles, diversity, and inclusion within their organisations and portfolio companies and to show that this approach delivers better outcomes.

We extend an invitation to the keynote on the results of the report at [date/ time/ place]

In essence, European Women in VC is eager to make a significant impact at SuperVenture this year. As the largest network of senior female venture capital investors in Europe and beyond, its mission of fostering gender balance within the industry resonates deeply.

The network stands as a beacon for amplifying the achievements of female-led and mixed teams while driving positive change in the venture capital landscape.