City Guide: Bom Fim and Rio Branco

two of the most charming neighborhoods

Bom Fim and Rio Branco combine bohemian and intellectual life with youth and art in a very democratic way. The neighborhoods are gathering spots for trendier folks who love to party, eat well, and enjoy a good drink, preferably outdoors. There are different programs that you can do walking through the streets, such as visiting Parque da Redenção, exploring bookstores, local brand shops, ice cream parlors, bakeries, restaurants from all Brazilian regions and nations, along with a lively nightlife. Get ready to discover the best neighborhoods in Porto Alegre and fall in love with them.

Want to experience the essence of Bom Fim? Then you must visit Lancheria do Parque

Affectionately nicknamed «Lanchera», Lancheria do Parque is a democratic place that serves meals, snacks, and ice-cold natural juices. It’s impossible to think about enjoying the Bom Fim neighborhood without visiting this place. Here, forget formality: it’s all about simplicity, homeliness, with caring service, as if you were at a family member’s home. Lanchera is a tradition for those living in Porto Alegre. Try the ‘xis’ (a type of sandwich) with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Adress: 1086 Osvaldo Aranha Street, Bom Fim, Porto Alegre.

Opening hours: Every day, from to Saturday from 6 am