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Cais Mauá

Iconic place in
Porto Alegre

South Summit Brazil takes place at an iconic location in Porto Alegre: Cais Mauá, next to the Guaíba River, with its magnificent sunset. The event has played an important role in revitalizing the space, bringing it closer to the city and its inhabitants.

Cais Mauá is a section of the river port of Porto Alegre whose special characteristics have made it protected by National and Municipal Historical Heritage.

Porto Alegre-RS

Why South Summit Brazil?

  • The state of Rio Grande do Sul has one of the strongest economies in Brazil.
  • It has a privileged location and is a strategic point. Rio Grande do Sul is the geographic center of the main routes in the Southern Cone.
  • Porto Alegre has a growing innovation and new technology ecosystem.
  • The region has leading universities that foster and train young talents.