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Mercado Público

A break at the oldest Public Market in the country is sure to experience the culture and essence of Porto Alegre. The giant yellow building has more than 100 different establishments and restaurants, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your hunger.The big highlight is seafood and desserts – like an ice cream stand that has even hosted Bob Dylan. After eating well, a stroll through the stalls will yield great purchases of souvenirs from your visit to Porto Alegre, such as chimarrão items (gourd and bomb, for example), or even wines produced here in Rio Grande do Sul.

Address: Largo Jorn. Glênio Péres, 1 – Historic Center, Porto Alegre.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 7h30am at 22pm. sunday, from 9am at 15pm.

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Lancheria do Parque

The most classic spot for snacks, sandwiches and quick dishes is Lancheria do Parque. Located right in front of Parque da Redenção, a simple place, but with excellent service. For over 40 years, the establishment has welcomed people from all tribes to offer well-served options and wonderful juice, which arrives at the table in a blender jar.

Address: Av. Osvaldo Aranha, 1086, Bom Fim, Porto Alegre.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, starting at 6am.

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Orla do Gasômetro

Porto Alegre’s main postcard is Orla Moacyr Scliar. Named after the writer who was born here, it is better known as Orla do Gasologista. The Gasometer Plant, which served to generate energy for the city until the 1970s, is today a cultural center. It’s currently closed, but it makes for great photos of the facade at sunset. The area also has four bars and a panoramic restaurant. On the weekend, with one of the roads on Av. Edvaldo Pereira Paiva blocked to traffic, it is a space where residents enjoy walking, running, cycling and other physical activities.

Address: Av. Presidente João Goulart, 551, Centro, Porto Alegre

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Ô Xiss

In addition to barbecue, there is a food that is typical of the Gaucho. From an adaptation of the cheeseburger came the cheese. A pressed sandwich whose base is a wide, round bread, very thin meat and melted cheese. And one of Porto Alegre’s favorite places to enjoy this snack is Ô Xiss. The gastronomic operation is spread across five different points in the city. At Cais Embarcadero, next to the area where South Summit Brazil takes place, you will find one of them.

Address: Av. Presidente João Goulart, 97, Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre.

Opening hours: tuesdays to saturdays 10am às 22pm, sundays and holidays from 11am at 22pm.

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