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The South Summit 2022 Green Revolution: For Zero Environmental Impact

07/07/2022 Equipo South Summit

Sustainability is not a question of the future, it is a challenge of the present in which we all have a crucial role to play. The climate crisis is a reality that affects us in all areas of our lives. Therefore, at South Summit we are clear about it, our commitment is firm and our role is essential to transmit the values of a present that marks the way forward.

Year after year, we create thousands of international connections, we bring together thousands of people in the same meeting point to enjoy, learn and grow together around an ecosystem that is evolving by leaps and bounds. All this with a common vision: a green economy that reduces environmental risks, responds to ecological shortcomings and respects 100% of the environment we live in.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are on our side and proof of this are the startups that, through their groundbreaking projects, seek to provide answers to these needs.

Let’s change the world!

South Summit Madrid: Leaving a Green Footprint

Beyond bringing the trends of the ecosystem closer to each of the actors that make it up, we have the task of inspiring both the next generation of new companies and existing ones to become part of the change; a response and a solution.

Last year, we created a Sustainability and Social Impact Plan inspired by the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. This enabled us to be awarded A Greener Festival (AGF) certification in the same year.

Fully aligned with the needs of our planet, our sustainability plan for the 2022 edition has been based on the 3R rule in environmental care: reduce, reuse and recycle.

By collaborating with sustainable retailers, we are reducing emissions to achieve a positive impact and net zero emissions.

This year we were very proud to have the staff shirts designed by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and produced by Circoolar, in an environmentally friendly production system.

New Life For Previous Edition Materials

Each of the materials we use has a reuse purpose. It is to either continue accompanying us in subsequent editions or to provide a benefit to the Villaverde neighborhood where La Nave is located, being donated to schools, as is the case of some of the computer equipment purchased second-hand.

By using long-lasting materials, we manage to reinvent their use in order to reuse them later. For example, we have used counters from stands from the last edition or tires to create seats and planters in the outdoor areas. In addition, the corporeal that welcomes our attendees is built as a puzzle so that it can be completely dismantled and easily transported for later use.

The rental of furniture or decorative elements has also been key to sustainable production. The grass used in each of the corners of the venue, for example, comes from football pitches which, once their condition has been selected, are given a new life

Recycled Materials and 100% Environmentally Friendly

At South Summit Madrid we have had numerous stages to host more than 450 speakers who have shaped our program. Each of the stages, in addition to having a groundbreaking design, is built with recycled materials such as utensils from previous years, recycled ropes or even solar panels.

The decoration is also made of biodegradable and recycled products. In the case of the welcome photocalls and main areas, the canvases are made of UVI ink and are free of PVC and chemical elements that damage the environment. Similarly, the walls are created with 100% recycled plastics.

Recycled materials make up each of the South Summit spaces. The shaded areas are made with a truss structure for rent and the roof is made with polyester fabrics from 100% recycled marine plastic.

In addition, the lighting for this edition has been created from marine waste extracted from the coasts of our country and contains LED bulbs to reduce CO2 emissions.

To promote the absence of emissions by up to 90% and reduce electricity costs, part of the South Summit areas have been powered by a completely clean and renewable energy: solar energy. With the installation of IKONGREEN modules from our partner Ferrovial, we wanted to promote the benefits of these photovoltaic self-consumption systems that have allowed us to generate our own energy by taking advantage of the possibilities that our environment gives us. Having this type of module has also helped us to support the circular economy as they are mounted on recycled containers.

In addition, we have had biofuel generators so that, together with the solar panels, they support and administer energy to certain areas of the site. These generators operate through advanced processes to prevent leakage and eliminate pollutants. Cost and emission savings have benefited from the use of storage batteries by reducing generator run time.

Zero Plastic Policy and Waste Management

In order to minimize waste, we have implemented a zero single-use plastic policy. All packaging is made of aluminum, glass, cardboard or bamboo. This obligation has also been passed on to our suppliers. In addition, to ensure compliance and the well-being of the attendees, we have given a refillable aluminum bottle to each of them.

As a company that generates waste, we are obliged to declare the type of waste we generate and the way in which we take care of it to the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Planning of the Community of Madrid.

For this reason, we carry out a meticulous waste management policy in which we carefully differentiate the nature of each material for its reuse or transformation into secondary raw materials.

Green Economy as Key

The climate crisis is a current problem that requires immediate action. In addition to donating materials to the Villaverde neighborhood, at South Summit we wanted to leave our mark by planting trees to help the green areas of this location.

Our commitment is firm: we are committed to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of being emission-free by 2030, twenty years ahead of the deadlines set by the Paris Agreement.

At South Summit we believe in a green economy, so our goal is to continue to foster responsible, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation, ensuring that everyone is represented and no one is left behind. Ecosystem actors have the answer to these needs, let’s keep the revolution going!