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South Summit Startup Competition is now Open

10/10/2022 Equipo South Summit

South Summit has been gathering for the past 10 years the shapers of how innovations look today. Beyond all, in our competition, we are searching for leaders that will establish the path toward a sustainable future. We understand we have very high expectations but, what the ecosystem keeps on proving every year, is that we are surrounded by astonishing talent and commitment from the startups.  

Within all the craziness of normal day-to-day in the startup world, we understand participating in a competition can be a challenge. Therefore, we have summed up key tips to help you in this process. 

The process of application

  • Research, prepare, and deliver! You must prepare for the competition, study what it will consist of, the assessment criteria, the jury, etc. Learn from previous year’s winners, their projects, and those that are going to be your competition to learn from their successes or mistakes and improve.
  • Own it! Beyond everything, know your project, its strengths, and weaknesses. Take this as an opportunity to look at it with perspective and critical eyes. 
  • Our board of experts and juries will select the best of the best to become part of the next edition of South Summit.

If you become finalists… get ready to Pitch!

  •     Show your value: the speech must be clear, concise, complete, and answer a series of basic questions: who you are, the problem and your solution, your target, your market… With all this knowledge you must show your uniqueness, so judges remember you. 
  •     Keep it simple: They say it only takes seconds to make a first impression, well you have 3 minutes to pitch, so the first 30 seconds are crucial. It sounds cliché but, be yourself! Startups beat with the minds and hearts of their founders so transmit that! Avoid robotic messages loaded with figures and complicated technicalities. 
  •     Prove you are the #1 Fan: Don’t forget, no one knows more about it than yourself, so own it. If you believe and transmit it correctly, you will provoke trust in your audience. The speech must be down-to-earth and honest. Creating a sense of trust and transparency is important. 

What’s in for you?

  •  The numbers speak for themselves: our finalists since our first edition have raised over 9 Billion dollars. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to meet potential investors for your startup.
  • 54 of them have reached an exit. Not only you can meet investors, but also global companies in search of Open Innovation. Business Opportunities everywhere you look.
  • 5 of the 9 Spanish unicorns have pass through our Startup Competition. Do you have what it takes to become one? Apply now!

The startup competition is a win-win scenario. South Summit does not  only get the chance to showcase true talent to all actors in the ecosystem but, competitions offer startups the possibility to contrast their proposal with  other entrepreneurs, validate their project, meet potential investors, and  corporations in search of innovation. The entrepreneurial ecosystem wouldn’t exist  without the key component of collaboration and the competition is the place to  meet amazing new colleagues and learn together.    

Currently, we are looking for the most innovative startups in the world, the next editions of its Startup Competition will be held within South Summit, which returns to Madrid from June 7th to 9th 2023 and Porto Alegre, Brazil from March 29th to 31st 2023