The SportsTech track focuses on the intersection of sports and technology. It is designed to bring together key players and stakeholders from the sports industry and the technology sector to explore and showcase the latest innovations, trends, and opportunities in sports technology. It aims to foster discussions on challenges and advancements, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

We are delighted to collaborate with Sportboost in the development of this new track.

Health & Performance

Check out latest innovations in food, cardiology, biometric tracking, IOT, wearables; hear from medical teams at sports clubs and federations discuss their innovation challenges related to injury/death prevention through technology.

Digitalization of Sport

The importance of data in all areas of sport:

  • Management: Data management for better club management
  • Fan: Fan knowledge through data collection through different physical and online channels etc.

Next wave

Explore challenges of sport for the upcoming years, including

  • NFTs: Tokenization of club/player rights and assets, new memorabilia
  • Other Blockchain applications: Security in stadiums, monitoring of signings, ticketing, etc.
  • Metaverse: Projects launched and to be launched by properties, startups, etc.
  • Fan: New fan engagement tools, new competition formats, second screen, new broadcast formats etc.


What do top players, club presidents, innovation trailblazers have in common? Leadership, inclusion diversity, find out the ingredients for a stellar team


What are the funds and organizations that are fueling the sportstech boom? Who are backing the tech champions of tomorrow?

Speakers Confirmed