Immerse yourself in the excitement of Day 2 at the South Summit Street Fest in Plaza de la Paja, located in the heart of Madrid. As the doors of La Nave close, this event presents a unique opportunity to further connect and network within our ecosystem. Engage in dynamic conversations, forge new partnerships, and explore innovative ideas in the vibrant atmosphere of Plaza de la Paja. Embrace the spirit of collaboration and celebrate the boundless potential of our community, all while enjoying the energy and charm of Madrid.

08:30 P.M.


CLUB DEL RÍO is magic, it’s joy, it’s an open window, it’s a wonderful place where six musicians from Madrid meet and let the music flow without ties. Club del Río is us, you, and them. It’s the energy that helps us start the day. It’s possibly the place where we would like to live, feel, laugh, and spend the days looking at the river, it’s depth and course. The Club draws a bright and optimistic folk, full of nuances and various influences that are seasoned with brilliant vocal games and arrangements that turn their songs into instant wonders. A beautiful anomaly. After a 4-disc journey that began in 2014, since 2021, they are presenting «Lejos Contigo», their latest album. A river full of hope, intensity, and music in capital letters. The group is currently in the process of composing and recording their latest work, a collection of 13 new songs that will be released at the end of 2023.
The concert start at 8:30 p.m., we are waiting for you!