Alisee de Tonnac

co-founder and co-CEO at Seedstars

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Alisee de Tonnac

About me

Alisée de Tonnac’s journey begins at the International School, first in Singapore, then in Silicon Valley, before returning to France. She obtained a Bachelor in Management and Economics from the HEC faculty of UNIL. Subsequently, she continued with a Master in International Management at the Università Bocconi. From 2011, she immersed herself in the field of marketing by joining the L’Oréal group in Milan. After two years, she made the decision to resign to join the founding committee of the Seedstars organization, whose mission is to support promising start-ups in emerging countries.

Under Alisée’s leadership, Seedstars collaborates with governments, institutions, foundations, corporations and investors to promote entrepreneurship in emerging markets. They provide capital, knowledge, and connections to high-growth technology companies through capacity building programs, funds such as Seedstars International Ventures, and partnerships with venture capital fund managers through Seedstars Capital. Seedstars also encourages talent development with Seedstars Academy, with the aim of creating strong entrepreneurial ecosystems for targeted social and economic development.

In addition to her role at Seedstars, Alisée serves on the boards of international foundations and companies, including Proton, and is a member of the Swiss Innovation Council (Innosuisse), further contributing to the global entrepreneurship landscape and innovation.