Alberto Pérez

Invesment Manager at G+D Ventures

Cyber Security; Security and Defense

I work in: Investor

Alberto Pérez

About me

My interest in investments started at a young age discussing stories from the Stock Markets with my dad. So, it was no big surprise that I began my professional journey in the investment banking sector, where I supported high-tech companies to structure and close M&A and fundraising deals. During that experience, I engaged with several venture capitalists, became impressed by the beauty of the job and decided to become one of them in the long term.

After co-building a startup accelerator and gaining some experience in the telco industry, I led the early-stage investments of a corporate VC in Northern Europe and the DACH region.

An extensive part of our job as venture capitalists is about researching and identifying the technologies that will reshape the near future. Besides that, having the chance to work closely with the brilliant minds pushing these new concepts forward, makes being a venture capitalist a real privilege to me.

With our new fund at G+D Ventures, we are investing in European companies operating in the TrustTech sector. I am responsible for the markets in Southern Europe.