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Building a Better World in the Metaverse and Beyond

06/20/2022 Equipo South Summit

At SuperWorld we define the metaverse as a multidimensional, interoperable and dynamic space where the physical and digital converge. By leveraging innovative technologies such as AR/VR, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) the metaverse has become an environment teeming with creativity and therefore offers the potential to extend beyond the digital. For this reason, we at SuperWorld believe in the mission of building a better world through collaboration and the use of metaverse technologies to improve our real lives.

We see this with the powerful project GUARDIANS, powered by MONOGRAMA and SuperWorld. Created to support the indigenous peoples of the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga communities in the Western Amazon, GUARDIANS features NFT art from over 60 talented artists from around the globe. These guardians serve as totems to “watch over” the indigenous territory in the metaverse, with sales from the NFTs going to these threatened communities.

In collaborating with MONOGRAMA, SuperWorld has leveraged AR technology to anchor the Guardians to their respective geolocations through our AR mobile app, both celebrating these indigenous communities and protecting their cultural heritage. Additionally, SuperWorld has committed to improving the lives of the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga tribes through our virtual real estate platform. By gifting metaverse real estate encompassing their tribal perimeters, SuperWorld envisions this gesture as one of symbolic reclamation for the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga after years of real world oppression. By purchasing a plot of virtual real estate, SuperCitizens in turn are giving digital agency to native peoples around the world.

Beyond championing indigenous rights and peoples, SuperWorld has also committed to leveraging metaverse technologies to speak out against unjust war and invasion. In support of the people of Ukraine currently suffering at the hands of Russian invasion, SuperWorld has activated AR technology and NFTs to spread awareness and give back. Coming together as a community of SuperCitizens, we’ve mobilized blockchain technology to create social impact 3D NFTs with all proceeds going to Ukraine through the Polygon network.

Furthermore, we’ve had users pin protests around the world, using a number of digital assets created by our talented AR & 3D modeling teams. By downloading and opening the SuperWorld app, users can show their support for Ukraine by geolocking said assets to personally meaningful locations around the world. As this crisis continues to unfold SuperWorld looks to its community to mobilize against tyranny and support those suffering utilizing the innovative technology developed in the age of web3.

Building a better world through social impact initiatives is the cornerstone of SuperWorld’s mission in ways both large and small. Utilizing the SuperWorld augmented reality app, we envision a future where real life is significantly improved through the creation of a SuperReality. Achieved through mixed reality, individuals and communities can expect to access educational and cultural resources, fine art and even news media in the future through the lens of a phone or virtual reality headset. By creating an environment where people are empowered to experience the world through dynamic layers, we see the future as a realization of our mission.

As technology advances and the burgeoning metaverse takes off at what can seem like a breakneck pace, SuperWorld remains dedicated to taking a step back to consider the longview of what globalization entails, and how we can all do our part to mitigate climate impact, support at-risk communities, put a spotlight on injustice, and build a better, more creative world for everyone.

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