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We are honored to have you with us at the third edition of South Summit Brazil, the largest innovation meeting in Latin America.


South Summit is a global platform for entrepreneurship and innovation that promotes connections between different players in the ecosystem with the aim of generating and catalyzing business opportunities. The brand was born in 2012, in Madrid, and in 2022 arrived in Brazil to impact the Latin American ecosystem. After two editions of the event, South Summit Brazil exceeds expectations every year and consolidates itself as the global meeting point for companies, startups and investors.

We are full steam ahead for the third season of South Summit Brazil, and looking forward for your participation. In 2024 we’ll bring together all the top players at Cais Mauá on March 20th, 21st and 22nd.



Don’t hesitate to contact us at content@southsummitbrazil.com if you have any questions.


You will be automatically accredited for the event once you have filled in the speaker form. To pick up your credential and access the event, please go to the speaker counter at the event main entrance.


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Speakers Lounge: a private space prepared especially for the speakers, a unique place to connect and enjoy an Eat&Drink lounge open during all days of the event.


Are you coming from abroad? You might need a visa to enter Brazil!
Complete list of visiting countries and their specific visa requirements.
For MERCOSUR residents, a visa is not necessary. You can enter Brazil with just your identification document (driver’s licenses are not accepted).
For Australian, Canadian and American residents a visa is not necessary in trips predating April 10th, 2024
For other visitors with specific guidelines, please find the information regarding visit visas for your country in the Brazilian Foreign Relations Department website.



The theme that guides the content presented is Decoding Complexity, the aim of which is to identify and explore the limitless opportunities to be found at the intersections of sectors, industries and technologies. Reinforcing its position as a platform for the acceleration of the global entrepreneurial community, South Summit Brazil seeks, during the three days of the event, to explore the opportunities that collaboration provides, and the value that can be obtained from synergies between different sectors.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world, where the impact of our interdependence is felt. Change never stops. The interconnected nature of our world has made everything more complex, and the generation of and access to information expands almost exponentially. Trends, technologies and even sectors have become cross-cutting, creating layer after layer of richness, depth and opportunity. Complexity is difficult, but it is also beautiful and forms the basis for almost limitless possibilities. The (sustainable and inclusive) products and services that help us navigate this complexity and harness its power will thrive, exposing the tools and solutions we have at hand which will help us build the next chapter. Connections help us navigate this complex world. We want to explore these intersections, because we know that that’s where the magic happens. Let’s decode our next opportunity.


This will be explored through ten knowledge trails, which help build the narrative of what will be presented at the meetings, covering topics that provide valuable content for the participating public. For this year’s South Summit Brazil, we will explore the following themes:


Agriculture plays an essential role in the process of regenerating our ecosystem, a crucial factor in feeding the next generations in a world with a growing population. This track will focus on agribusiness, exploring the role of innovation and technology, presenting trends, new and best practices, the solutions and services that are driving the industry.

Topics: Regenerative agriculture; production; distribution; consumption; investment; waste mitigation; etc.


This will address the role of innovation and creativity in developing products and services that act to reduce emissions and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and increase resilience against the impacts of climate change. For this to happen, the entrepreneurial community has a role to play, through conscious investments, ESG metrics, among others.

Topics: Decarbonization; energy transition; sustainable infrastructure; investment; ESG models and metrics; climate adaptation; etc.


This track is designed to deepen discussions about FinTech and how we can decode and predict current and future financial systems. We will explore the synergies between traditional banks and startups, and how collaboration can provide valuable solutions to customers in a digital economy.

Topics: Financial inclusion; blockchain; cryptocurrencies; DeFi; credit; sustainable finance; NFTs; etc.


We will understand, through an analysis of trends and advances in the area of HealthTech, how new technologies can restructure our health systems so that they are more accessible and decentralized.

Topics: Devices; prevention; treatments; diagnosis; digital health; patient care; investment; biotechnology; etc.


A track aimed at understanding aspects of a human-centered society. We will discuss the complexity of an intelligent society, in which humans, nature and technology need to coexist in a balanced and sustainable way.

Topics: Inclusion; diversity; conscious consumption; talent economy; impact; well-being; responsible entrepreneurship; etc.


We will explore how the synergies between human beings and technologies (artificial intelligence, automation, big data analysis, IoT, machine learning, etc.) are leading us to a new phase of industrialization, and how this vision goes beyond productivity and efficiency, reinforcing the importance of its contribution to society and its focus on sustainability.

Topics: Artificial intelligence; data; robotics; infrastructure; construction; new materials; logistics; transportation; etc.


The entrepreneurial community leads the complex world, and it is through collaboration between the players in this ecosystem that opportunities for innovation are created. We will get to know stories of startups, corporations and investors who have looked outside their sectors in search of synergy, value creation and impact.

Topics: History of successful collaboration; open innovation; ecosystem; corporate innovation; impact investment; venture capital; scale-ups; etc.


Understanding intelligent and complex systems is fundamental to keeping up with change around us and allows, us to identify new opportunities. In this knowledge track we will explore the trends and technologies of an increasingly interconnected world.

Topics: AI and data; connectivity; SaaS; enterprise software; cybersecurity; intelligent mobility; etc.


Here we will cover how the digital revolution has impacted sports in general. We’ll learn about the latest technology that is revolutionizing athletes’ performance, fan interaction with sport, and other sports-oriented solutions.

Topics: Digitalization; performance; leadership and talent; investment; smart arenas; gamification; fan engagement; etc.


Let’s discuss Sustainability and ESG. These initiatives have become imperative in business. We invite you to rethink how we live and how our organizations operate, so that we can build truly healthy ecosystems, considering long-term impact and value creation.

Topics: Net zero; circular economy; food; mobility; waste; recycling; etc.


South Summit Brazil welcomes professionals from startups, corporations, hubs, governments and institutions looking for connections, business opportunities, investments and content at its annual gathering. Leaders and executives from varied sectors such as technology, retail, banking, communication, health, sustainability and others are also present.


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