2024 Topics

Tracks at Brazil

We believe that synergy between different sectors is the key that opens up opportunities in the ever-changing world we live in. To explore these intersections, the content is connected through 10 knowledge tracks:

Intelligent & Complex Systems

AI & Data, Connectivity, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity & Smart Mobility


Devices, Treatments, Diagnosis, Digital Health, Prevention, Patient care, Biotech & Investment

Sustainability & ESG

Net Zero, ESG, Circular Economy in Fashion, Food, Mobility, Waste & Recycling

Innovation & Ecosystem

Impact Investment, Success Collaboration Stories, ESG Compliance, Open Innovation, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Venture Capital & Education


Digitalization, Performance, Leadership & Talent, Investment, Intelligent Arenas, Gamefication & Fan Engagement

AgriTech & FoodTech

Regeneration, Production, Distribution &Consumerism


Conscious Consumerism, Inclusion & Diversity, Talent Economy, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Impact & Wellness

Industry 5.0

Sustainable Infrastructure, Virtual Worlds, Construction, Robotics, New Materials, Data, Mobility, Logistics & Transport


Energy Transition, Sustainable Infrastructure & Investment


Financial Inclusion,​ Crypto & Blockchain, NFTs & Distributed Fina