2023 Program

What’s on at South Summit Brazil 2023

The program for the second edition of South Summit Brazil – Porto Alegre will explore how we are transforming our minds, adapting our strategies, making significant efforts, joining forces, and building bridges to make the transition to a greener economy.

2023 Topics

Tracks at Brazil

We bring together the game-changers, the decision-makers and business leaders to discuss the most important topics in innovation.


Fintech has constantly evolved throughout the years, and its key for the digital economy. This track will dive into the main solutions for the population to have access more specialized financial services. We will explore how traditional banks and startups must work together to deliver solutions based on customers’ behavior and adapt to their needs.


Agriculture is essential in reducing emissions, and farmers are the leaders of this movement. Through this track, we will explore the most relevant themes that are bringing the sector mainstream and taking it to the next level. We will address the state of agribusiness, the role of innovation, technology, and data showing trends, best and new practices, and the solutions and services that are fostering the industry.


Good health goes beyond treating diseases; it includes mental health prevention, life balance, and environmental awareness. It’s essential to guarantee health access and improve the quality of life and health care at all stages of life. This track will address how the sector must be transformed to prevent and predict illnesses through data and artificial intelligence, how decentralizing the healthcare system enables better diagnosis and treatments for all patients, and what are the next healthcare breakthroughs.


The retail sector is constantly reinventing through strategies and adapting based on changing customer behavior. Through this track, we will explore the entire cycle of retail, how marketing and social media play a crucial part in the sale of goods and services, how data helps identify client preferences, and which are the best channels to position the products. How technology improves performance and helps to deliver personalized services.


Society must create and guarantee favorable conditions for communities’ development and growth, considering all aspects of life, education, culture, and conscious consumerism that led the transition to a greener economy. Through this theme, we will explore in-depth how knowledge, networking, positioning, public policies, inclusion, diversity, and Indigenous are crucial to learning from each other and acting while growing economically.


From creating through constant learning to generating true impact, founders are the shapers of a more sustainable society. Let us learn together how different actors of the ecosystems, such as startups, investors, and corporates, collaborate to power innovation throughout the globe. How to do responsible innovation, how to scale up, how to go international or how to integrate share knowledge are a few topics that we will discuss on this track.


Companies that thrive are the ones that hold the well-being of consumers and communities at their core. We need to rethink how we live to build truly nurturing ecosystems. As in nature, our actions must contribute and not only take. Moving forward, the search for profit must be through an Environmental, Social, and Governance perspective. Any organization must consider the impact on all its stakeholders and choose long-term value creation.


Being efficient is a milestone. Being efficient and sustainable is the goal. Let us explore the point of encounter between the technological and physical world and how technologies can be developed to achieve a net-zero economy. On this track, we will deepen our knowledge of technologies transforming how we produce, connect, and shape the world we live in. Industries are not only getting smarter but cleaner. It is imperative to tailor Industry 4.0 to a greener economy.